There’s a meal for you

Select your craving from our wide array of belly satisfying meals 

Experience the rich and vibrant flavors of Africa in every bite. 

Yellow garri, bitter leaf soup with ponmo beef and saki

Boiled yam with stick gizzard and corn-beef egg sauce

Mega family loaf bread, plain beans with fried fish and sauce

Moimoi, stewed turkey, white rice and rice sauce

Fufu, afang, boiled croaker and fried goat meat

Oat meal swallow with okro titus and snail

Ofada rice with assorted ofada sauce and diced plantain

Stewed beans, saki, ponmo with fried plantain

Yellow garri, edikaikong, local stewed chicken and stocked fish

Wheat, efo riro, mega farm and ponmo

Unripe plantain, sauce and fried fish

Semo, ogbono and boiled goat meat

Pounded yam and ofe owerri

Rice and beans, boiled goat meat, fried plantain and rice sauce

Pounded yam and egusi with cowleg and snail

Plantain porridge and cowleg

Palm oil porridge with fried croaker

Basmati rice, green vegetable and mega farm

Banga and starch with catfish

Amala and ewedu with gbegiri, ponmo, saki and beef

Akpu, oha, stock fish and fried croaker

Goat meat peppersoup

Catfish peppersoup

Mega farm

Eko,fried stewed croaker and bitterleaf vegetable

Yam porridge

Akara (beans cake)

Quick bites, big delights – satisfy your cravings with our fast food menu. 

Whole grilled croaker and chips

Whole barbecue fish, moi moi & coleslaw

Vegetable oil yam porridge and onion chicken

Fried rice with vegetable salad and roasted chicken

Mega yam with egg sauce and fried croaker

Spaghetti jollof with stewed turkey

Spaghetti scampi and chicken in chill sauce

Meat balls

Jollof rice with plantain and pepper chicken

Pop corn

Coconut rice with diced plantain and beef kebab

Merchant salad

Crispy chicken

Beef pasta with breaded chicken

Pasta carbonara

Beef kebab

Chicken topper salad

Fruit salad

Shredded beef

Spicy chicken wings

Garlic fish in sauce

Chicken Hongkong

Roasted chicken

Barbeque chicken

Italian chips and chicken with sauce

French Fries

Mega rice curry chicken

Savor authentic Chinese cuisine that will take your taste buds on a culinary journey for your taste buds. 

Spring roll with chicken cream soup

Fried rice with shredded chicken

Prawns in chilli sauce

Singapore noodles with meat

Honey chicken wings

Vegetable fried rice (medium)

Spicy chicken pieces

Sliced beef in black bean sauce(large)

Prawn springroll with mayonnaise

Prawn cutlet (jumbo)

Pekin soup (bowl)

Noodles seafood

Diced chicken in chinese style jar (medium)

Chicken with brocolli (medium)

Sauteed fish fillet

Sliced beef in oyster sauce (medium)

Chicken spring roll

Chicken mushroom soup

Chicken corn soup bowl

Freshly baked delights that will sweeten up your day. 

Mega bread

Chocolate cake

Mega pastries

Mega cookies

Rich Fruit Cake

Queens Cake

Sponge Cake

Raising Loaf

Chicken Cheese Burger With Crispy Chicken


Mega Roll And Barbecue Chicken

Scotch Egg

Beef Burger

Beef Roll

Chicken Pie


Define happiness with our mouth-watering pizzas.

Chicken Barbecue Pizza

Vegetarian Pizza

Beef Pizza

Start your day off right with our delicious breakfast options!

Full English Breakfast With Sunny Side Eggs

Full English Breakfast With Scrambled Eggs

Full English Breakfast With Omellete


Boiled Egg

Club Sandwich